Inca Experience Trip in Peru

The trip will move your mind, body, heart and soul.

From June 15 to 27, you can take the trip that will change your life forever.

We offer a unique mix of diverse experiences with unprecedented access to culture and adventure.

On our tour, we will live with other people and understand their customs through a different perspective, which will deepen our understanding of life.

Find out for yourself now!

Download all the detailed information about the trip by clicking on the button.

It is a sacred retreat to carry out an authentic initiation in the sacred mountains; we will reactivate “the Sami energy,” which means “fine energy.”
Paqos and spiritual guides will accompany us with their songs and music in each ceremony following the Qeros tradition.
In this initiation journey, we will achieve a deep connection of our energy with the Pacha mama and the universe’s light.
We will delve into the culture of the Hatun Qeros community, known as the last Inca Qeros ayllu.


Some of the experiences we will live:

  • Self-healing with khuyas and chumpis
  • Initiation of harun karpay
  • Initiation of the ñusta karpay
  • Ayni group office
  • We will learn about:
  • The Andean worldview in the Q’eros tradition
  • To use the Andean misha own universe
  • Connect with the four elements.

Please get in touch with me by email: if you would like me to send you a brochure with the entire program and further information.

We have room for 8 travelers besides us, and you will be very welcome.
Ramji Singh translates from Spanish to English, and we expect a very international group with participants from Denmark, Mexico, and other countries.

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