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Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • You have the skills to offer meditative concerts with sound, harmonization and individual sessions as needed.
  • You can give sound massage sessions and do group or personalized meditations to improve energy and vibration.
  • You develop techniques with which you can awaken your sensitivity and balance your body.
  • They help practitioners reduce stress, anxiety and discomfort.
  • You improve your own health and that of others by using physical and emotional healing methods.
  • They share the effects of sound and vibration with those who wish to experience them, particularly those with physical, emotional or spiritual ailments.
  • You can work with patients treated in general and oncology hospitals. You can also help deaf patients or patients with various impairments. Also, you can be a great support in the field of thanatology and offer help to elderly people with or without chronic diseases.

Professional level

Graduates of the training courses offered by the IES are free to use their degree to offer massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients in health care institutions, holistic centers, or any other location that allows it.

An IES Certified Sound therapist is committed to use the knowledge and skills acquired ethically and responsibly. He recognizes that experience and good practice come from improving and perfecting the technique.

The Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy has registered in the Spanish Ministry of Institutions and in other European institutions and associations. These registers are not transferable to IES students.



1 January, 2022


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