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Planetary Gong – Training

Planet Gong, Planetary Gongs

Astrology combined with sound therapy enhances the effect of sound massage because you gain a deeper knowledge about it. It also helps to ask the right questions in order to identify and look at areas with low energy consumption more precisely.

A well-prepared session helps people to release karma and psychic, physical or spiritual energy. This helps them to feel peace and well-being.

We studied the benefits of combining astrology and sound massage in the IES and found positive results.

Therefore, we would like to share them with you with pleasure.

Did you know that anyone with an animal zodiac sign can possess weaknesses in some part of the body and that we can channel these with Planetary Gongs to empower ourselves by taking into account the traits in our natal chart?

In this training, we will learn about the characteristics of each zodiac sign and its relationship to the body parts and chakras. We will look at the areas of the body, according to the zodiac signs, where weaknesses and energy imbalances can occur. Likewise, we will learn to select the appropriate combination of Planetary Gongs in order to be able to offer comprehensive and effective therapy to all people.



10 February, 2022


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