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What is a Handpan?

A Handpan is an instrument created by the sound sculptor’s Sabine and Felix Rohner in Switzerland in 2000. It is one of the best inventions of the Panart company.

The Handpan is an artistic instrument that resembles a metal drum. It is profound and versatile, with which you can create and play many special sounds and harmonic tones. The sound sculpture resembles an energy store.

What do you experience with the Handpan?

You play the Handpan like a drum with your hands and rhythmic intuition. Every sound you create has its own very powerful and spiritual tone. This allows you to create an interaction between your soul and heart through the energy that emanates from your hands to create beautiful sounds.

As you play the instrument, your deepest feelings of soul pour into every note. The Handpan is a healing instrument and a great support for individual or group meditation and yoga classes. In the new Handpan seminar, you will immerse yourself in this instrument’s beautiful, harmonious, and spiritual sound. The seminar takes place over two days, during which you will learn different instrument skills.

This beautiful instrument will hypnotize our senses with its beautiful tones that will put us in a meditative state.

By attending the seminar, you will learn to master the instrument and to create all the harmonious, spiritual, and magnificent sounds of this beautiful instrument that reflect your deepest feelings.

Professional level

Graduates of the training courses offered by the IES are free to use their degree to offer massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients in health care institutions, holistic centers, or any other location that allows it.

An IES Certified Sound therapist is committed to use the knowledge and skills acquired ethically and responsibly. He recognizes that experience and good practice come from improving and perfecting the technique.

The Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy has registered with the Spanish Ministry of Institutions and in other European institutions and associations. These registers are not transferable to IES students.



28 January, 2022


Handpan, Meditation, Music, Sound