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International Gong Training

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What is a Gong?

As historians and musicologists have affirmed, the Gong is of oriental origin. It appeared at the beginning of the Bronze Age about 5,500 years ago (about 3,500 years BC). The Gong was worshiped as the embodiment of a great entity expressing itself through the reproduction of the OM sound of life.

Even without prana breathing and without any relaxation of the nerves through yoga, the Gong has a therapeutic effect that magnetizes and rejuvenates the body and mind and stimulates the pituitary gland. In Kundalini Yoga, the pituitary gland is seen as an energy conduit that not only controls our body, also our ego and activates the consciousness of the soul.

The Gong has long been viewed as an instrument of transformational power and as an ancient and shamanic therapeutic tool that envelops us in an auric sound field to guide us back to optimal health and balance.

The aim of this training is to convey the advantages and techniques of the Gong in a professional manner. We open ourselves to sensitivity and lower our ego so that we can feel its great transformative power. You develop the ability to pass on the different technical and therapeutic methods with sensitivity and creativity in dealing with the Gong. Imagine an ancient instrument whose surround sound helps us restore balance and improve our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Advantages and properties of the GONGS:

  • The Gong balances the pituitary gland, promotes concentration and memory, and eliminates mental distraction.
  • The sound of the Gong frees and strengthens the nadhis, which balance our electromagnetic field and chakras.
  • It creates a feeling of dematerialization of a sublime being, which promotes maximum cell regeneration and creates inner peace. The Gong lets the sense of space, time and mortality disappear.
  • It spreads in subtle ways through plants, animals and the elements of nature to all matter.
  • The Gong offers benefits for children with some degree of hyperactivity.
  • With a Gong session, the auric field grows and the blood and cell system is regulated and harmonized.
  • It regenerates the blood system and supports the electromagnetic field, increasing our life force and prana levels.

Professional level

Graduates of the training courses offered by the IES are free to use their degree to offer massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients in health care institutions, holistic centers or any other location that allows it.

An IES Certified Sound therapist is committed to use the knowledge and skills acquired ethically and responsibly. He recognizes that experience and good practice come from improving and perfecting the technique.

The Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy has registers in the Spanish Ministry of Institutions and in other European institutions and associations. These registers are not transferable to IES students.



15 January, 2022


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