The power of sound resonance

The Monochord is an instrument of extraordinary power to raise our vibration by training our ability to concentrate. 

We can connect with the divine by chanting mantras and opening our throat and heart chakras which connect us to our inner power.

It is an excellent tool to return to the present moment, awaken our emotions and connect with love and joy. 

The resonance of the Monochord can stabilize and strengthen our minds. It can also help heal conditions in our hands and fingers, such as arthritis.

The Monochord’s wooden resonance box acts as a kind of amplifier for the healing effect in the human body because the power of the sound and resonance travels faster through the liquids of our body, like our blood.

A session with the Monochord can last a few minutes or even hours; the time depends on you. 

It’s a lightweight instrument and easy to carry.

You do not need previous musical education to play the Monochord; you only need willpower and creativity. Then, the instrument will guide you.

Monochord Subtle Instrument


Monochord is ideal for accompanying your courses and meditations.

With its resonance, you will reach deep meditative states.


improve the mobility of your hands

Playing the Monochord improves your hand coordination and agility.
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What will you receive after completing the training?

You will develop techniques to awaken your sensitivity and align your body, mind, and spirit.
You will learn the skills to offer meditative sound concerts and harmonizations.
You will learn all the techniques to offer therapeutic sound massages.
Thru constant practice, you will connect with the power of sound and resonance and will be able to share it with large meditation groups to expand and enhance energy and vibration.
You will learn how to help practitioners reduce stress, anxiety, and other ailments.
You will learn how to improve your health and help others by using physical and emotional healing.
You can share the e

Content of the course

History and structure of the instrument

Monochord, Considerations, Benefits, Applications, Parts of the Monochord, String Classification, and Tuning.

Techniques for playing the Monochord

Playing technique, projection through the hands, polarity, chakras, meridians, and fingers, effects of instruments in sound therapy, the direction of the hands, and one-person technique.

Composition with the Monochord

Composition, the scale of nuances, 1 to 1 therapy, thoracic spine in prone and supine position, knees and legs, soles of the feet in the prone position, inter-rib massage, and remote session.

Collective application

Collective application, harmonious chants, mantras, sticks and hands, and yoga with the Monochord.

Dear lovers of the power of sound:

Monochord offers us many benefits for the mobility of our hands, but first, we have to do some personal work by meditating and putting our intention into each note.

Did you know that we have great power in our hands?
Connect with this power thru pranic breathing and meditation, and put all your intention into each chord. Soon you will notice how energy flows and balances the active and passive energies that reside in our hands, getting physical, spiritual, and mental coherence.
We can also connect with the elements of nature through our hands and the strings, harmonize our chakras, and even improve our relationships with our loved ones.

That sounds amazing!

Our intention and practice in each lesson of this course will show you that it is possible. The fingers of the hand represent the action in the present moment, the details of everyday life. Through touch, one can love, caress, argue, build, and create, and in each chord, we can put an intention in each note to improve our physical and emotional state.

Do you need more information?
Please get in touch with me to know the full greatness of the Monochord.

I send you a big hug!
Ramji Singh

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