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We have translated our 15 years of experience working with the power of sound into easy, educational, and fun learning modules to convey the essence of our training in online courses available to all.

The Gong is an instrument of great power. It magnetizes and rejuvenates the body and mind and stimulates the pituitary gland, an energy channel in Kundalini Yoga. This instrument affects not only our body but also our ego by activating the soul.

The Gong has long been used to transform us into a better version of ourselves. It is an ancient and shamanic therapeutic tool envelops us in a sound field of aura to guide us back to optimal health and balance.

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Gong Benefits

  • It balances the pituitary gland, improves concentration and memory, and eliminates mental distractions.
  • The sound of the Gong frees and strengthens the nadhis, which are responsible for balancing our electromagnetic field and chakras.
  • It creates a feeling of grandeur and inner peace. The perception of time, mortality, or space disappears when meditating with the Gong.
  • It also promotes cell regeneration.
  • Its vibration spreads subtly to all matter through plants, animals, and the elements of nature.
  • The Gong is very useful for calming down children with hyperactivity.
  • With a Gong session, the auric field grows, which regulates and harmonizes the blood and cell system.
  • It increases our life force and prana levels.

Training goal

The main goal is to pass on the advantages and techniques of the Gong professionally.
We open ourselves to sensitivity and lower the ego to feel the tremendous transformative power of the Gong.
You develop the ability to pass on the benefits of the Gong in the therapy through its different technical and therapeutic skills with sensitivity and creativity.
Imagine an ancient instrument whose surround sound helps us restore balance and improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What will you receive after completing the training?

  • You will become a certified sound therapist from the IES.
  • At the end of your training, you will receive personal advice from Ramji Singh to clarify doubts and perfect your technique.
  • You have the skills to offer meditative concerts, harmonization, and individual sessions.
  • You can give therapeutic sound massage sessions.
  • You will learn to conduct group or personalized meditations to expand energy and vibration.
  • You will develop your technique, awaken your sensitivity and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.
  • You can help practitioners reduce stress, anxiety, and discomfort.
  • You improve your health and that of others by using physical and emotional healing.
  • You will share the effects of sound and vibration with those who wish to experience them, particularly those with physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments.
  • You can work with patients treated in general and oncology hospitals. You can also work with deaf patients or patients with other impairments. A sound therapist is an excellent support in the field of thanatology and can be used as an accompaniment for older adults with or without chronic conditions.

The international Gong training has four extensive modules, in which Ramji Singh takes you by the hand so that you can obtain the knowledge and put it into practice. At the end of the training, you can arrange a final session and consultation with Ramji via Zoom.


$1,290 USD


  • 4 Modules
  • 119 Lessons
  • Advisory
  • Videos
  • Training