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Sound Therapy Certification

Be Generation Love Be generation love - Miami, Miami

You will learn that applying sound therapy with Tibetan Bowls has excellent benefits for both the therapist and the one who receives the sound massage. In this certification, you will learn the techniques adapted to modern life since ancient times.

Inca Experience

It is a sacred retreat to initiate an authentic initiation in the holy mountains. We will reactivate "Sami energy," which means "Fine energy." Paqos and spiritual guides will accompany us with their songs and music in each ceremony following the qeros tradition. In this initiation...

Campane tibetane in Palazzo Caprioli

Palazzo Caprioli Via Sale 109, Gussago

Un terapista del suono certificato IES, lavora con tutte le basi e gli strumenti forniti dall'istituzione. Gestisce con conoscenza approfondita il processo di massaggio sonoro.