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15 Jun.

Inca Experience

15 June, 2023 - 27 June, 2023

It is a sacred retreat to initiate an authentic initiation in the holy mountains. We will reactivate “Sami energy,” which means “Fine energy.”

Paqos and spiritual guides will accompany us with their songs and music in each ceremony following the qeros tradition.

In this initiation journey, we will achieve a deep connection of our energy with the Pacha mama and the universe’s light.

We will delve into the Hatun Qeros community’s culture, known as the last QEROS Inca ayllu.

The Q’eros have a deep relationship with the Pachamama and the aphus, masculine-feminine spirits of the mountains, and the spirits of water, trees, rocks, and creative energies. They recognize the spiritual essence of nature and communicate with it with great respect.
In the Q’uero people, shamans and sorcerers are guardians of health who heal with herbs, rituals, and cleansing ceremonies, Andean marriages, solve problems and advise through the interpretation of coca leaves. In addition, souls are invoked, and the gifts of the earth are appreciated.

Event Details

Date: 15 June, 2023 - 27 June, 2023
Time: -
Organizer Name: Ramji Singh
Phone: + 49 162 74 53 585