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Origenes del Monocordio

Monochord Origins

Origins of the Monochord

In ancient Greece, we have the first records of the use of the Monochord. Great thinkers like Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Plato focused their interests and studies on music therapy and laid the foundation for the scientific development of the discipline.

``It started as a tool to measure time intervals, and thanks to its harmony, it is a therapeutic tool now.``

It was in the sixth century B.C. when Pythagoras turned his attention to the possibilities of the Monochord to refine and define musical intervals. In this way, applying mathematical principles became a beneficial resource for performers. For example, the mathematician took the Monochord to measure the frequency of tones.
However, the studies of the benefits of the power of sound with the Monochord continue. Furthermore, specialized companies for manufacturing these instruments in Germany reached a worldwide presence over time.