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El poder del sonido

The power of sound

The power of sound

In what vibrational state are we? Can we tune our vibration to the universe’s vibration, and can this heal our energetic imbalances?

We spoke with Ramji Singh, the founder of the Spanish Institute for Sound Therapy. Through his extensive musical career since the age of 13 and his stays abroad since 1998, he has dedicated himself to studying and researching in the context of sound therapy. He graduated from the School of Artistic Initiation at I.N.B.A. in Mexico City, Themes Valley University in London, England, and the National School of Art of Havana in Cuba. Later he continued his specialization and research in different regions of India and Nepal. This experience opened a path for him to follow the sound therapy possibilities.

He accompanies this experience with the official title of the Kundalini Research Institute of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga.

``The power of sound is great. We discover new benefits every day and learn new techniques and methods that help us improve our application.``

Great Hindu and European experts inspired him, like his primary teacher Harbhajan Singh Khalsa known as Yogi Bhajan, and his most profound teacher Siri Gobind Kaur and other great teachers like Alfred Tomatis, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma Ji, Fabien Maman, Pt. Bhajan, was able to collect a lot of knowledge. Also worth mentioning are Sopori Ji, Richard Gerber, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Conxa Trallero Flix, Eva Rudy Jansen, Pt. Dandu Srinadha Mani, Josefa Lacárcel Moreno, Pt. Rahul Sharma, Aljoscha A. Schwarz and Ronald P. Schweppe. They inspired me to open a new path with the Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy to conduct professional classes in the auditory sense. With an educational purpose and ancestral techniques, sound therapy got its character.

  • Why did you choose sound as a form of therapy?

The independent project was born with Ancestral Sound through the combination of workshops/therapies that use the benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls and sound vibration to carry out therapies in various foundations in the field of health specializing in oncology and deaf or dumb patients. The response and interest of the participants as well as the achieved results and benefits, were very successful.

The moment came to devote me entirely to sound therapy, respecting an essential balance in the fundamentals of experience and knowledge of musical methods. So naturally, the study of virtuosic musicians such as Mozart, Chopin, Painters, and Masters of Sound exerted a significant influence.

  • What are the effects and advantages of Tibetan Singing Bowls? And why do you think it is an exciting therapy?

The effects and advantages of the Tibetan Singing Bowls are manifold. A physical, mental and spiritual state of balance is achieved through the harmonization of their sound and vibration. Through the power of sound and the vibration that one emits, one can better understand the sound at distant frequencies better and better with the same meditation that one creates. 

Sound therapy or sound massage will guide you in the best way for people to work on it consciously. Likewise, there are different states called beta, alpha-theta, and delta. This fact helps us to enter immediately with the mind and through hearing. Later it accompanies us in all our vibration coefficients. So for any ailment that we have in our body, like any disease, or for a better quality of life, sound can help us.

  • How did you come up with founding a sound therapy foundation?

Creating the Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy arose from the interest and results obtained through years of study and experimentation in foundations to offer sound therapy to patients from different clinical areas. The Ancestral Sound project before the Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy led us to various foundations. The interest of the hospital and clinical staff prompted me to take this effort to an institutional and academic level. From this venture, a protocol was developed, and a painstaking and constant evolution was carried out to offer the training of new sound therapists.

The hallmark of the I.E.S. is honesty, professionalism, dedication, and career.

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