Sat Nam

I am Ramji Singh, founder of the IES.

I have been studying sound since I was 13 years old. First through an extensive musical career Graduating from the School of Artistic Initiation of INBA in Mexico City, Themes Valley University in London and the National School of Art of La Havana Cuba. I have continued my specialization and research in different regions of India and Nepal which have allowed me to open a path of ancestral possibilities and benefits offered by Sound therapy. Accompanying this experience I formed in parallel with the Kundalini Research Institute of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga.

With the help of great European and Hindu inspirers such as Alfred Tomatis, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma Ji, Fabien Maman, Pt. Bhajan Sopori Ji, Richard Gerber, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Conxa Trallero Flix, Yogi Bhajan, Eva Rudy Jansen, Pt. Dandu Srinadha Mani, Josefa Lacárcel Moreno, Pt. Rahul Sharma, Aljoscha A. Schwarz and Ronald P. Schweppe have inspired me to open a new path through the Spanish Institution of Sound therapy to carry out professional teaching to the auditory sense, the purpose from education and character to the hierarchy of these ancestral techniques offered by sound therapy.

The start of this fantastic journey began with Ancestral Sound.

An independent project that allowed me to explore new healing techniques with the power of sound. Through the combination of workshops/therapies of yoga and sonorous vibration, we achieve very positive advances in people’s well-being. We worked with various foundations specialized in oncology, deaf diseases, and patients with special needs. The response of the participants, as well as the results and benefits obtained, were very successful. These results motivated me to follow Sound therapy’s path without losing sight of my previous musical knowledge.