Gong ♥

Gong has its origins in the oriental zone said by historians and musicologists. It appeared at the beginning of the Bronze Age, 5500 years ago, (around 3500 years BC).

Was revered as the incarnation of a gods entity that expressed itself through the reproduction of the OM, sound of life.

The Gong, even without pranic breathing, without any stretching of the nerves by yoga, has a therapeutic effect that magnetizes and rejuvenates the body and mind, stimulating the pituitary gland — considered by Kundalini Yoga as an energy conduit that controls,  our ego activating the consciousness of the soul and equilibrating our body energy.

The Gong considered an instrument of transformational power, is an ancestral and therapeutic tool that envelops us in an auric field of sound to bring us back to optimal health and balance.

Training goals:

The training goals are, in the first place to professionally transmit the benefits and techniques of the Gong. Open ourselves to sensitivity and diminish the ego, to allow us to feel its high transformational power. Develop the student’s ability to transmit their different technical and therapeutic skills with sensitivity and creativity in the management of the Gong.

Make known an ancient tool whose surround sound helps us restore our balance and improve our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Gong properties and benefits:

  • It balances the pituitary gland, favoring concentration and memory, eliminating mental dispersion.
  • The sound of the Gong unlocks and reinforces the Nadhis for the balance of our electromagnetic field and chakras.
  • It generates a sensation of dematerialization, a sublime elevation, promoting a maximum cellular regeneration, creating inner peace, time and space disappear, mortality and consciousness.
  • It spreads towards all matter in an ethereal way through plants, animals and the elements of nature.
  • Gong improves calm and relaxation on children with hyperactivity.
  • With a session of Gong, the auric field grows, the blood and cellular systems are regulated and harmonized.
  • It regenerates the blood system helping the electromagnetic field, increases our vital force and increases our pranic level.



Professional level
Graduates of the different professional training pieces offered by the IES can freely use their degree to provide massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients, in health institutions, holistic centers, or any space they require.
An IES certified sound therapist is committed to using the knowledge and skills acquired ethically and responsibly. And he recognizes that experience and good practices are received through constant updating and perfecting his technique.


The Institute of Sound Therapy IES, has a registry from the Ministry of Institutions and Associations in Spain and other institutions in Europe; these registers are not transferable to students.

Gong sessions in Croatia July 2019