The handpan is an instrument that was created in Switzerland by the sound sculptors Sabine and Felix Rohner in the year of 2000, one of the best inventions of the Panart company.
Its a creative and powerful instrument that resembles a metal drum.
The Handpan is unique and exceptional, very deep and versatile. You can create in it many harmonic sounds and tones its sound sculpture is like an energy storage system.

What do you experience with the Handpan?

You play it like a drum with your hands and your rhythmic intuition, in each sound, you can fell a powerful and spiritual experience.
It allows you to create an interaction between soul and heart through the energy that comes from your hands.
By playing the Handpan, the most profound feelings in your soul will spill on each note.
Its an instrument of healing and great support for individual or collective meditation, as well as for yoga lessons.
In the new Handpan Seminar you will immerse yourself in a beautiful, harmonic and spiritual, takes place in two days. The same ones in which you will learn different skills for
play the instrument.

Seminar Topics:

  • Introduction to the Handpan
  • Techniques, to touch it
  • Development of skills and improvement techniques
  • Ergonomics of yourself for a correct application and development
  • Rhythms (basic, intermediate and advanced)
  • Sound styles and applications (for yoga, meditation, and healing classes)
  • Preparation for live or live presentations

By participating in the Handpan Seminar, you will learn to master the instrument and create all the harmonic, spiritual and genius sounds of this beautiful instrument, which reflect your deepest feelings.


Professional level
Graduates of the different professional training pieces offered by the IES can freely use their degree to provide massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients, in health institutions, holistic centers, or any space they require.
An IES certified sound therapist is committed to using the knowledge and skills acquired ethically and responsibly. And he recognizes that experience and good practices are received through constant updating and perfecting his technique.
The Spanish institution of Sonotherapy has a registry from the Ministry of Institutions and Associations in Spain and other institutions in Europe; these registers are not transferable to students.

Handpan Seminar May 2019